We connect investors with entrepreneurs / project developers who need capital to realize their expansion or new projects.

In the investment area, we focus on two key areas in South Africa

Real Estate Resort Projects and
innovative companies with extraordinary product ranges that want to expand to Europe

Albion AG and Albion AG Inc have been well networked in South Africa for more than a decade. The Albion AG Inc is located in South Africa at the doorstep of Cape Town. We therefore have an excellent nationwide network, very detailed market knowledge and excellent connections. We are therefore able to assess the risks of the investments recommended by us in detail.

In the investment area, we deliberately focus on a few projects with great potential from which investors can expect good, realistic returns. For a few selected resort projects in the real estate sector, even after investors are on board, we have been working as consultants for years.

Before we add a project to our portfolio and investors, we carry out extensive clarifications:

• Detailed examination of the economic situation of those looking for capital

• Professional business plans

• Presence of all official approvals,

if necessary to implement the project

• Project sustainability

• Realistic return

If you are interested in an investment or you are looking for investors for your project, we look forward to hearing from you. It goes without saying that we treat every request with absolute discretion.

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Even if the rating agency Moodys has rightly rated South Africa and its economy low for years, 


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