The Swiss Albion AG and its sister company Albion AG Inc, based in South Africa, are holistic partners for companies. For over two decades we develop tailor-made, cost-optimized, feasible individual solutions for our international customers.

Usually, we start with a classic project-related approach. After that, we support the majority of our customers over years and develop and optimize the processes we have introduced in close cooperation with the respective management, further.

In addition to our classic expertise, the investment area has developed very strongly in the recent years. For capital investors, we therefore offer a range of selected extremely serious projects and options for company investments in various countries.

Albion AG based in Switzerland and Albion AG Inc, based in South Africa, are two strong bonded international management consultancies.

For two decades we have been supporting companies and institutions with tailor-made consulting solutions in close partnership. We bundle our specific industry knowledge with functional excellence in process optimization, auditing, organization, strategy, business development, risk management and coaching.

Our goal is to significantly increase the performance of our customers and to always be a reliable partner for our customers. We love new challenges and do everything we can to develop optimal and practical solutions for our customers.

Albion AG and Albion AG Inc are proud to have companies from Europe, China, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates among their customers.


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